Complete chinese chicken chilies recipe

Boneless chicken 500 gm

Button red chilies 250 gm

Oil 2 cup

Soy sauce 1 tb sp

Onions 7-8

Peanuts 1/2 cup

Garlic 10-12

Sugar a pinch

Salt to taste

Sichuan peppers crushed 1 tea sp


Warm oil in a non-stick container. Put the chicken in a bowl. Include soy sauce and blend. Put aside to marinate. Slash the spring onions and the greens.

Add the catch chilies to the hot oil and profound sear for 1-2 minutes on medium. Deplete the chilies and put aside.

Profound sear the peanuts on medium warmth till brilliant chestnut. Deplete and put aside. Add the chicken shapes to the hot oil and profound sear on medium warmth till brilliant. Deplete and put aside.

Warm another non-stick skillet and include 2 tb sp of bean stew oil staying in the dish. Warm till the oil achieves smoking point.

Include garlic and broil till somewhat smoldered. Include spring onions and chicken and hurl.

Include sugar, salt and smashed Sichuan peppers and blend. Include peanuts and the catch chilies and hurl. Include spring onion greens and hurl. Serve hot.

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