Complete cup cake recipe

Flour 1 cup

Caster Sugar 1 cup

Eggs 4

Butter 125 gm

Baking Powder 1 tea sp

Vanilla Essence 1/2 tea sp


As a matter of first importance, blend spread and sugar in a bowl and beat it pleasantly.

Presently include eggs and beat it once more.

After a few while, include vanilla quintessence, preparing powder and flour into it and again beat all the more pleasantly until it looks fleecy.

Presently, oil containers little and place blend into them and heat on 200 degrees C for 20 minutes.

Presently take them out and let them chill off.

Once the cupcakes chill off then spread cream over them.

Presently embellish with bunties, jams and fruits.

You essential cupcakes are prepared to serve.

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