Complete spicy chicken soup recipe

Chicken 1

Onion 1

Egg 1

Cornflour  3 tb sp

Oil 1 tb sp

Garlic  chopped 2-3

Ginger  chopped 1/2 inch

Green chili chopped 2

Carrot  1/2

French beans 5-6

Soy sauce 1 tb sp

Green chili sauce 2 tb sp

White pepper powder 1/2 tb sp

Salt to taste

Chicken stock 5-6 cups

Vinegar 2 tb sp


 Slash the spring onion with the greens. Save some spring onion greens for topping. Break the egg into a bowl and whisk softly. Blend the cornflour down the middle some water.

Warm the oil in a wok or a dish, include the chicken and panfry for a moment or two. Include the garlic, ginger and green chillies and keep on stirring broil for a large portion of a moment more.

Include the spring onion and keep on cooking for a moment. Include the carrot, mushrooms and French beans and mix. Include the soy sauce, green bean stew sauce, MSG, white pepper powder and salt. Blend well and mix in the chicken stock.

Heat to the point of boiling, lower the warmth and stew for three to four minutes. Mix in the cornflour blend and cook for a moment or until the soup thickens, mixing ceaselessly. Blend in the whisked egg in a constant flow with the goal that it shapes into strings as it cooks.

Include the vinegar and serve steaming, decorated with the held spring onion greens.

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