How to Make Creamed Haddock Soup?

Creamed haddock soup

 cooking time 20 minutes

 you will need for 4 servings:


1 small onion approximately 12 oz. fresh haddock

pint milk seasoning

1 oz. flour

small bunch parsley

 pint water

1 oz. butter

 1 oz. flour

To garnish:

 A little onion or red pepper or paprika pepper


1.Slice the onion and put with the haddock and parsley into the water.

 2.Simmer gently until just soft.

3 Lift the fish out of the stock and flake very finely.

4.Make a thin sauce with the butter, flour, milk and a good + pint of the fish stock.

 5.Add the pieces of fish and heat gently.

 6.Garnish with wafer-thin slices of raw or fried onion, or slices of pepper, or dust instead with a little paprika to give a contrasting colour.

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