Easy to cook chicken shawarma recipe

Chicken boneless 1/2 kg

Garlic paste 1 tea sp

White pepper 1/2 tea sp

Black pepper 1/2 tea sp

Soya sauce 1 table sp

White vinegar 2 table sp

Chili sauce 3 table sp

Yogurt  3 table sp

Cinnamon powder 1/2 tea sp

Salt  to taste

Oil 2 table sp

Tahini  sauce

Tahini 3 table sp

yogurt 1 cup

Lemon juice 2 table sp


Marinate chicken with garlic glue, salt, white pepper, dark pepper, cinnamon powder, soya sauce, vinegar bean stew sauce, D.P sauce, yogurt and oil for around 30 minutes.

Warm oil in a sear container.

Put chicken and sear for 10 minutes till delicate.

To make Tahini Sauce: Mix together tahini, salt, white pepper, garlic glue, yogurt and lemon juice.

Wrap chicken in pita bread with jalepenos, gherkins and beetroot, shower with tahini sauce.

Serve warm.

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