Easy to cook chinese pulao recipe

Rice           2 glass

Eggs          5

Onion       2-3

Carrot        1

Peas        1 cup

Soya sauce       4 tb sp

Vinegar         1 tb sp

Chili sauce          4 tb sp

Chicken cubes       2

Ginger paste     1 tea sp

Garlic paste       1 tea sp

White pepper powder     half tea sp

Black pepper powder      half tea sp

Chinese salt        1/2   tea sp

Salt                 to taste


In a skillet get bubble 3 and 3/4 glass water include 1

 chicken shape and 2 tbsp oil and blend, cover and cook till rice delicate.

In a bowl break eggs include minimal salt and whisk well.

Warm half glass oil include ginger and garlic glue sear till

 notice evacuates then include beaten eggs, carrot,

 peas bean stew sauce, soy sauce, 1 chicken 3D shape blend well.

 Include dark pepper, white pepper, Chinese salt, let peas and carrot delicate and

 eggs cooked on low fire.

Presently include spring onion into bubbled rice and include cooked egg

and vegetable masala and blend with light hand to consolidate rice and egg well.

Chinese pulao is prepared.

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