Easy to cook Italain salad recipe

         1/2 cup vegetable oil

         1/4 cup olive oil

         1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

         1 table sp red vinegar

         1 clove garlic

         2 tea sp Parmesan cheese

         1 tea sp granulated sugar

         1/2 tea sp salt

         1/4 tea sp black pepper

         1/4 tea sp crushed red pepper

         1/8 tea sp onion paste

         1 head romaine lettuce

         10 grape tomatoes

         1 cup black olives

         1 red bell pepper

         4 table sp crumbled

         1 cucumber


To make the dressing, consolidate the vegetable oil,

 Olive oil, apple juice vinegar, red wine vinegar, garlic,

 Parmesan, sugar, genuine salt, pepper, oregano, red pepper chips,

and pulverize onion in a medium blending dish and whisk vivaciously to join.

 Put aside. Consolidate the lettuce, tomatoes, olives, chime pepper,

 feta, and cucumber in a huge blending dish.

Shower 2-3 tbsp. of the Italian plate of mixed greens dressing

 over the serving of mixed greens and prepare well to uniformly coat all the serving of mixed greens. Remaining dressing can be

 put away in an impenetrable compartment for up to seven days in the fridge.

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