How to Make Indian Style Palak Paneer(spinach and cheese)?


Spinach half kg

Chicken (bone less) Two hundred fifty grams

Cream 1 cup

Salt to taste

Oil to taste

Half teaspoon of red pepper powder

A quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder

A quarter teaspoon of hot spice powder

One hundred and fifty grams of cheese

Two tablespoons ginger garlic paste

 Three tablespoons yogurt


1.Wash the spinach, cut and boil in salt water and make thick paste in a grinder.

2.Add oil in frying pan and saute ginger garlic paste in it

3.Then add chicken in it and cook well add red chili powder, turmeric powder, hot spice powder and yogurt, cook it for two minutes.

4.Then cover the man and let it cook.

5.When the meat is properly cooked add cheese and cream in it .cover and let it cook on low temperate for three minutes.

6.Take it out and serve it with boiled rice.



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