How to Cook Vanilla Cream Filled Doughnut by Rachael Ray?


3/4 cup lard or shortening

3/4cup sugar

 cup hot water

1 cup warm water

2 ,pkgs. dry yeast

2 eggs, beaten

1 tsp salt

6 or more cups flour


 1. In large bowl combine shortening, sugar, and warm water.

2.Add yeast to water and set aside to dissolve .

 3. When shortening mixture has cooled, add eggs, salt, yeast mixture, and flour.

4.Turn dough onto floured surface and knead until smooth and-elastic. Cover, and set in warm place.Let rinse until double.Roll dough about 1/2thick and cut with drinking glass or doughnut cutter without the hole.Let rise again until double.

5.Fry d doughnuts in deep fat  until browned, turning once. Cool and fill,To fill, cut a small hole with a sharp knife. Force filling into doughnut with a cookie press or cake  decorator.


4cups sugar

1/2cup shortening

2 egg whites

2tbsp flour

2tsp vanilla

4 tbsp milk

Combine all ingredients and beat until smooth.

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