How to Make Healthy and easy carrot soup ?

Cooking time 10 minutes

 You will need for 4 servings:


 8 small carrots

1 pint water

1/2pint milk

1-2 chicken stock cubes

To garnish: chopped parsley or chives


1.   Grate the carrots and simmer for about 8 minutes with the milk and water in which the stock cubes have been dissolved.

2.   Season well and include a pinch of sugar if wished.

3.   Pour into heated soup cups and garnish with the parsley or chives.


 Quick cream of carrot soup

Simmer the carrots with the water rnly. Mean-while make a white sauce with 1/2oz butter, 1/2oz. flour and 1/2pint milk. Blend with the carrot mixture and season well.

Cheese and carrot soup

During the last 2 minutes of cooking of either the plain carrot soup or cream of carrot soup, stir in 4 oz. grated cheese. If overcooked it will become tough and stringy.

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